Standard 7: Internship


Welcome to Nicole's Remote

Internship Journey


Going through my internship experience remotely was never my intention. However, due to unforeseen family circumstances, I was obliged to interning virtually. The experience was totally new and exciting, even though there were some hardships (See reflection section). At first, I have to admit that I doubted how that was ever going to be possible. But to my surprise, I was reminded of the plans God had for me, plans to complete every requirement of the Educational Leadership Program and leave no assignment undone.

Without further ado, I invite you to enjoy this journey with me as you read along.



                                                                                                                              Westchester Area School: PreK-8


During my internship journey, I engaged in many activities during which I learned so much. Not only about how to lead in an educational institution but how to do it remotely. That was the fun part. I was flabbergasted every so often. I had many questions for my mentor, Dr. Nadine Spencer-Elysee, who patiently answered every one of them. See artifacts below.




Admin & Management



Though virtually, I had the privilege of engaging in many managerial activities during which I learned about scheduling, Tech communication tools to facilitate the administrator's tasks, etc. See artifacts below.











I am grateful for the opportunity to have been exposed to various instructional/Assessment tools during my internship at Westchester Area School. Resources that will prove invaluable to me in my career as an educational leader. See artifacts below for some of those tools.



Special Project - Sparkling GEMS Curriculum





Disclaimer: For a very long time, everyone knew I was creating a preschool curriculum except me. Ok, let's say I was the last to know. This is how it went. I woke up one day with a desire to experiment with these four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole. I wanted to translate one of my low-content children's books, Jesus Loves Us And Our Favorite Colors, that I wrote. All I wanted to do was translate a little book. But God and His 'mischievous self was up to something.' After two years of toiling with Google translate and other online translation tools, I was finally done with the slide presentations. I took a deep breath and looked forward to posting them on my JLE Kids website. That was until I started waking up every morning and hearing, "Well, you didn't put an opening prayer. You didn't put ABC. You didn't put a closing song. You didn't... You didn't..." "WHAT? I WAS ONLY TRANSLATING A LITTLE BOOK," I argued.

Now, led by the mischievous, Almighty God, I present to you the Sparkling GEMS: An ECFDLA Curriculum.


Curriculum Vitae








Below are the required forms and assessments for this standard.



Community Service



During the internship, there were plans for a Rally Day and a virtual mission trip to Malawi. But the plans were canceled due to COVID-19 interruptions. However, I was able to tap into my past experiences for this requirement. Below are a series of videos of a past community service activity I have led. This series of videos shows me teaching community members at Les Amis De Jesus Seventh-Day Adventist Mission how to light up for Jesus on Social Media.

**Using Social Media For His Glory - Vision

1 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Our job description as Christians

2 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Technology

3 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Some Creole Language

4 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Christian worldview

5 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Platforms and Tools

6 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Closing Prayer




Below are the reflection papers for the standards.