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Standard 7: Internship

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Welcome to Nicole's Virtual

Internship Voyage


Initially, I hadn't planned on undergoing my internship remotely. However, unforeseen family circumstances necessitated virtual participation. While this experience brought its challenges (refer to the reflection section), it was also incredibly novel and invigorating. I must confess, initially, I harbored doubts about its feasibility. Yet, to my amazement, I found reassurance in the realization of God's overarching plans for me, ensuring the fulfillment of every aspect of the Educational Leadership Program without leaving any assignment unfinished.

Without delay, I extend to you an invitation to join me on this journey as you delve into the following narrative.



                                                                                                                              Westchester Area School: PreK-8 Grades


Throughout my internship journey, I immersed myself in various activities that enriched my learning experience. I not only gleaned insights into educational leadership but also gained valuable knowledge on remote leadership—an aspect I found particularly enjoyable. Along the way, I encountered moments of astonishment and curiosity, prompting numerous questions for my mentor, Dr. Nadine Spencer-Elysee, who graciously and patiently addressed each inquiry. Below, you'll find the artifacts documenting this enriching journey.

Nicole Leading Staff Worship:







Guest speaker for Pre-K&K Classes:




Admin & Management



Even in a virtual setting, I was fortunate to participate in various managerial tasks, gaining valuable insights into scheduling and utilizing tech communication tools to streamline administrative duties. Below, you can find examples of the artifacts from these experiences.











During my internship at Westchester Area School, I had the privilege of being exposed to a wide array of instructional and assessment tools. These resources have provided me with invaluable insights that will greatly benefit my future career as an educational leader. Please find below some artifacts showcasing a few of these tools.



Special Project 

JLE Dual Language GEMS: Early Childhood

Faith-Based Dual Language Acquisition



Disclaimer: For what seemed like an eternity, it appeared that everyone knew I was crafting a preschool curriculum except for me. I was undoubtedly the last to catch on. Here's how it unfolded: One day, I awoke with a sudden urge to delve into the realms of four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole. My intention was simple: to translate one of my children's books, "Jesus Loves Us And Our Favorite Colors," which I had authored. Little did I know, God, with His playful ways, had other plans in store. After two years of wrestling with Google Translate and various online tools, I finally completed the slide presentations. Taking a deep breath, I eagerly anticipated sharing them on my JLE Kids website. However, my excitement was short-lived as I found myself waking up each morning to the echoing refrain: "You didn't include an opening prayer. You didn't include the ABCs. You didn't include a closing song. You didn't... You didn't..." "WHAT? I WAS ONLY TRANSLATING A LITTLE BOOK," I protested.

Now, under the guidance of the mischievous yet all-powerful God, I proudly present to you the JLE Dual Language GEMS: An ECFDLA Curriculum.


Curriculum Vitae








Below are the required forms and assessments for this standard.



Community Service



While interning, there were exciting plans in motion for a Rally Day and a virtual mission trip to Malawi. Unfortunately, these plans were thwarted by the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, I found solace in drawing from my past experiences to fulfill this requirement. Enclosed are a series of videos showcasing a previous community service initiative I spearheaded. These videos demonstrate my efforts in educating community members at Les Amis De Jesus Seventh-Day Adventist Mission on effectively spreading the message of Jesus through social media.


1 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Vision

2 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Our job description as Christians

3 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Technology

4 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Some Creole Language 

5 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Christian worldview

6 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Platforms and Tools

7 **Using Social Media For His Glory - Closing Prayer




Below are the reflection papers for the standards.





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