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Standard 6: Law and Society



As a former Group Family Daycare Provider, I am no stranger to Law and Society. Please read on.

Daycare Provider

Many years ago, I ran a Family to Group Family Daycare in my apartment in Brooklyn, New York. It started as a babysitting gig to supplement my income as I was already working from home. Before long, the three children I babysat grew to six, and many more as parents began their word-of-mouth promotion of my service. Suddenly, there was a need for legal and safety procedures to consider (find out more in the Risk Assessment document below). 

Though I wasn't quite sure what I was doing as I did not yet attend any teacher education program. So, I planned and taught the children by watching them. Yet, one little girl, named Shania, who attended daycare for the first time at my establishment came time for her to go to public school after three years of being with us. Her mother called me one day and said, "Nicole, what did you do? My daughter's been accepted into the gifted program at P.S . . ." I had no idea what she meant as I was not yet familiar with the public school system. However, I sensed that it was a good thing by the excitement in her voice. To God be the glory who had ulterior motives!






Attached below are the artifacts for this standard.




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