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Standard 10: Research


"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."

—Wernher von Braum



Engaged in pursuits I initially didn't fully comprehend for numerous semesters, I encountered the realm of Research Ethics, igniting a curiosity within me. Please continue reading to learn more...









When conducting research, particularly involving participants, it is imperative for a school leader to adhere to ethical principles consistently. This is essential to ensure that every participant feels safeguarded and trusts that the researcher will not betray their confidence. Providing clear instructions to each participant is crucial, emphasizing their freedom to withdraw from the study at any point. Such practices exemplify ethical conduct in research, fostering an environment where social justice is upheld and individual needs are prioritized.


The field of research ethics delves into a thorough exploration of the moral principles guiding participants' engagement in a study. I recognize the importance of possessing seven essential personal attributes to excel as a researcher. It's worth noting that these attributes are equally vital for those in leadership roles within the educational sphere.

I must be:

Organized               Creative                      Rigorously ethical    

Flexible                   Able to persevere      Deal with ambiguity and

                                 Possess an extensive vocabulary


As a bilingual student, my English vocabulary may not be as extensive as I desire. However, I find solace in being connected to the Master linguist, the One who spoke the world into existence, which fills me with hope.

In every facet of my life, my aim is to honor God, my Master. Thus, as a researcher, my fervor lies in leading souls to the kingdom of God. Through my research endeavors, I strive to positively impact the spiritual lives of others by upholding strong ethical principles.

Recognizing the significance of my research project in attaining my doctoral degree and the invaluable contribution of participants, I believe it is essential to acknowledge the concept of reciprocity as an ethical consideration to be upheld.



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