Standard 10: Research


"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."

—Wernher von Braum



While doing what I didn't know for many semesters, I learned of Research Ethics, which piqued my interest. Please read on.









In doing research, especially those involving participants, a school leader must apply the same ethical principles to guarantee that every participant feels protected and that the researcher will not violate their trust. The researcher must give explicit instructions to each participant to understand that they are free to revoke their involvement in the study whenever they want. Hence, a demonstration of ethical behaviors in research. This ensures the promotion of social justice where individual needs are met.


Research ethics considers a close examination of the moral principles concerning participants' involvement in a study. I am aware of these seven personal attributes below that I must have to be a successful researcher. Needless to say, these are also attributes of an educational leader. 

I must be:

Organized               Creative                      Rigorously ethical    

Flexible                   Able to persevere      Deal with ambiguity and

Possess an extensive vocabulary


As a bilingual student, my English vocabulary is not as extensive as I would like. However, being connected to the Master linguist, Him who spoke the world into existence, I am hopeful.

In every area of my life, I endeavor to honor God, my Master. Therefore, my passion as a researcher is to win souls to the kingdom of God. Through my research study, I can make a positive difference in the spiritual lives of others by applying good ethical principles.

Knowing how important my research project is to me earning my doctoral degree and having participants help make it happen, I think, is worth acknowledging. Hence, the concept of reciprocity−an ethical consideration−is to be implemented.



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