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Standard 3: Management and Administration


Welcome to standard three, which introduces my management and administrative skills. I will start by stating my philosophy.


My philosophy as a school administrator is to live a life that reflects love, respect, and fairness for my students and staff.


My philosophy of education for my school is to provide an environment where the students and staff can develop their potential as privileged children of God and be good stewards of God's created world.







I believe that every leader should be a rational leader, one that will "always act to treat humanity, whether in yourself or others, as an end in itself, never merely as a means" ("moral Philosophy," n.d.). Leaders are not to use people as a means to please themselves or the organization. The greater purpose of any organization team should be to serve humanity.

As a moral administrator, I want to create an ideal working environment by providing all employees with an organizational climate where good teamwork, clarity, fun at work, and support for one another are the norm (Norton, 2014). To achieve the ideal working environment, I will use Directive Communication Psychology (Wikipedia, n.d.), a method of communication where employees build each other up with their words instead of making them feel bad. For instance, "You could do better than this" vs. "Thank you for trying your best. I just want to suggest another way to do it."

Working in leadership positions over the years, I find that I am a better leader when I welcome other people's ideas. During my leadership debut (Lol) as a lead teacher back in the days, I was blessed with three assistant teachers. I did not know how to leverage their skills at first. I was making all the decisions and coming up with every idea until I had an aha moment one day. I realized I was not the only one with ideas. It was then I learned to delegate tasks and began to appreciate my assistants' creative genius.



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Proof of directorship/supervisor.




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