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Standard 1: Vision and Mission




Mission statement: 

Leading little people to discover their identity in Christ through Christian education.


Vision statement:

Leading little people to ultimately live for Christ in this world and in the world to come.

What is vision?






Vision is the ability to plan. It helps school leaders develop, articulate, implement, manage in collaboration with the school faculty and staff. With a clear vision in place, leaders use data to identify currently needed goals for the school. Vision is vital for the success of any organization. As a spiritual leader aspiring to lead to the glory of God, I have set my vision statement to reflect the highest standard to which God holds His servants responsible. White (1991) states, "Take up your responsibilities and work for time and for eternity" (p. 196).

Please see the video below.

9** Using Social Media For His Glory (vision)



My Vision Goal




In creating a vision for my school as an educational leader, I consider the effectiveness of my team, which will help carry out the vision. My vision is team-focused because, as a leader, I need the collaborative efforts of my students, staff, and the community to achieve the kind of school environment that reflects the promotion of continual and sustainable school improvement. As a leader, my goal is to emphasize the value of integrating faith and learning across the curriculum to maximize spiritual and intellectual growth.



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Attached below are my class papers for this standard. 





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