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Standard 1: Vision and Mission




Mission statement: 

Guiding young individuals to explore their identity in Christ through Christian education.


Vision statement:

Guiding young individuals to embrace a life devoted to Christ, both in this world and in the hereafter.

What is vision?






Vision serves as the blueprint for planning, enabling school leaders to strategize, communicate, and execute initiatives in partnership with faculty and staff. With a well-defined vision, leaders leverage data to pinpoint immediate objectives for the school's advancement. It is a cornerstone of success for any organization. As a spiritual leader driven by a desire to honor God, my vision statement embodies the lofty expectations set by the Divine. As White (1991) eloquently puts it, "Take up your responsibilities and work for time and for eternity" (p. 196).

Please refer to the video below.

9** Using Social Media For His Glory (vision)


My Vision Goal




When envisioning the future of my school as an educational leader, I prioritize the efficacy of my team, understanding their pivotal role in actualizing this vision. My approach is centered on teamwork because I recognize that fostering collaboration among students, staff, and the wider community is essential for cultivating a school environment conducive to ongoing and lasting improvement. As a leader, I am committed to championing the integration of faith and learning throughout our curriculum, aiming to foster holistic growth that encompasses both spiritual and intellectual dimensions.



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Below are my class papers for this standard. 





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