Standard 4: Community Relations


COMMUNITY RELATIONS, in a nutshell, is the collaboration of faculty, staff, students, and community members for the good of everyone involved. It is the opportunity to take advantage of the school community's varied resources to bring improvement to the school environment. It also involves giving oneself for the good of others. It is the ability to welcome and appreciate diversity on a community level and build relationships outside one's comfort zone.



Of the ten standards, it is with this standard that I relate the most. I strongly believe in the saying that "it takes a village to raise a child." To achieve success in educating students, teachers/leaders need the collaborative efforts of everyone involved in the students' life. I make it a habit to get to know my students even outside of the school environment. A home visit is one way of getting to know my students and becoming acquainted with the whole family compared to just the one person who drops them off at school in the morning. Another way community relations is demonstrated in my practice as a leader is to inquire about the closest library to my students' homes and make sure the parents know how to get a library card. I then proceed to make reading book recommendations for extracurricular activities. I am an advocate for early literacy.






My weakness in the execution of this standard is my personality as an introvert. If left up to me, I would choose to carry out my leadership duties where I'm most familiar, which would leave me, my faculty, and students at a disadvantage. I understand the need for students to learn in natural settings, which we cannot always replicate inside a school building. As an educational leader, I will be more conscious of this weakness and make every effort to plan more community programs for the enrichment of my school. One way to alleviate this issue will be to place a faculty member in charge of community relations for my school based on their strength. I like the idea of being a strengths-based leader because, as a team, we will be more productive if I invest in their strengths rather than weaknesses. Furthermore, my drive to influence the world for Christ will be my greatest incentive for building relationships with community members. 

Please see a video below of myself teaching community members at Les Amis De Jesus Seventh-Day Adventist Mission how to light up for Jesus on Social Media.

1 **Using Social Media For His Glory(Our job description as Christians)



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