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Thank you for your interest in the JLE Kids Christian Academy (JLEKCA), the leading virtual preschool franchise that combines a faith-based curriculum with a dual language approach. At JLE Kids Christian Academy, we take pride in offering a unique educational experience that focuses on the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development of the youngest learners.​

As a JLE Kids Christian Academy, you can trust that our faith-based curriculum is supported by the best language learning software, making us the go-to choice for parents seeking a comprehensive and inclusive early childhood (0-5yrs) program. We welcome students with and without disabilities, emphasizing our commitment to creating an environment that celebrates diversity.



  Ordering a faith-centric dual language course at the click of a button is challenging for families with children aged from birth to 5 years because there is currently no singular premier destination specifically tailored to the unique educational needs of this demographic.

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Educational Organizations

  Leveraging a faith-centric dual language course-sharing App is challenging for educational organizations because there is a lack of customizable, white-labeled solutions that allow them to tailor the educational experience according to their specific values and ethos.

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Problem Statements

Mission Statement

At JLE Kids Christian Academy, we are dedicated to serving overwhelmed families with children, ages birth to five, by providing a nurturing environment where they can develop a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Our unique approach focuses on fostering physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wealth, one day at a time.


Our vision is to empower families in their priority to guide their children's spiritual growth and cultivate a close-knit relationship with Jesus from the earliest stages of childhood. Through our faith-based curriculum, supportive community, and family-centered approach, we aim to lay a strong foundation for lifelong faith and prosperity.

Promise Statement

By partnering with JLE Kids Christian Academy, your child will experience a transformation in their physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. Together, we will journey towards a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, building a legacy of faith and abundance for generations to come.

Core Values & Framework: G.R.P.F.R.

Our Core Values/Framework serves as the guiding principles of our virtual preschool franchise.

1. God-fearing:

We prioritize moral teachings in alignment with Christian beliefs, nurturing kindness, compassion, and integrity. Our educational setting honors diverse faiths.


3. Parents as first teachers:

We empower parents as key educators, providing resources and support to enrich their role in their child's education.

5. Reclaiming children from media influence:

We endeavor to rescue children from the sway of media and lead families toward a life deeply rooted in faith.

2. Respect for self and society:

We create an inclusive space fostering self-respect, diverse views and appreciation, and teachings of fairness, empathy, and social responsibility.

4. Family time:

We value family involvement, emphasizing the significance of familial bonds in a child's learning journey through shared activities and engagement.


In summary, choose the JLE Kids Christian Academy for an unparalleled educational experience that seamlessly integrates faith, language learning, and family values to reclaim our children from the influence of media. Explore the best of both worlds with our faith-based, dual-language educational approach.


Discover more of our products by visiting our Christian bookstore or Books & Things store. For additional resources, explore our partnership with Join us in bringing the JLE Kids Christian Academy to communities, offering a transformative educational experience rooted in faith and language learning.

Meet the Owner/Manager

Hi! I'm Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy, owner and manager of JLE Kids Christian Academy–a virtual preschool franchise. My primary aim has always been to provide a nurturing environment where children can learn about Jesus while receiving a top-notch preschool education. With the onset of COVID-19, transitioning to a virtual preschool became a logical step forward.

Regarding my educational background, I completed my high school education at George W. Wingate High School in Brooklyn and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in music and theater from Stony Brook University. I furthered my education with a Dual Master’s Degree in Early Childhood General and Special Education at Touro College. I ultimately obtained a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Andrews University in Michigan.


Additionally, I take pride in teaching my son to read at the tender age of three, and he later excelled academically and became a valedictorian. His success ignited my passion for preschool teaching, and I remain committed to fostering early literacy skills, especially among children with special needs.

Contact Nicole: or text ((29)279-2459


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Grateful Guardian

"Ms. Nicole, since you started working with my niece, she is so happy at home. She is talking a lot more and excited about reading and learning."
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