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Prepared Home environment

JLE Kids Christian Academy is crafted with a focus on the home environment.

Wooden Furnitures
Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Establish a Dedicated Learning Space:

Designate a specific area within your home for educational activities. This can be a room or a corner with a desk, chair, and necessary supplies to create a focused learning environment.

Wooden Picture Frame

Incorporate Faith-Based Decor

Integrate elements that reflect the Christian values and teachings of JLE Kids Christian Academy into the learning space. This could include inspirational quotes, religious artwork, or symbols that align with your faith.

Kid's Art Supplies

Utilize Faith-Based Learning Resources

Select educational materials and resources that align with the Christian principles of JLE Kids Christian Academy. This may involve incorporating religious texts, faith-based  literature, and educational tools that reinforce Christian values.

Kids Running

Establish a Daily Routine

Create a daily schedule that includes dedicated time for learning. Following a routine helps instill discipline and order within the home learning environment.

Corner of a Stylish Living Room
Interior Decor
Learning Alphabets

Encourage Family Involvement

Foster a sense of togetherness and family involvement in the learning process. Consider involving parents, siblings, or other family members in educational activities and discussions that reinforce the teachings of JLE Kids Christian Academy.

Family Praying

Integrate Prayer and Reflection

Incorporate moments of prayer and reflection into the daily routine. This can be done at the beginning or end of each learning session, emphasizing the spiritual aspect of education.

Collecting Garbage in Park

Promote Positive Behavior

Create a positive and nurturing atmosphere by establishing clear expectations for behavior using our Behavior Management System, GEMS. Encourage godliness, enthusiasm, mastery of skills, and safety, aligning with the Christian values upheld by JLE Kids Christian Academy.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Provide Faith-Based Learning Opportunities

Seek out educational opportunities that allow children to explore and deepen their understanding of Christian teachings. This could include Bible studies, children's church activities, or other faith-based programs.

Pots and Pans
Christmas Cookies
Kids in Preschool

Cultivate a Love for Learning

Foster a love for learning by making educational activities enjoyable and engaging. Use various teaching methods such as Play-Based Learning, Montessori, HighScope, Emergent Curriculum, Waldorf Education, and Direct Instruction and incorporate creative, hands-on activities to keep children excited about their studies.

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Stay Connected with the Academy

Maintain open communication with JLE Kids Christian Academy to stay informed about curriculum updates, events, and additional resources that can enhance the home learning experience. Regularly check in with the academy for guidance and support.

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