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JLE Kids Membership Program 

Helping Christian children, from Birth to 5 years old, develop a close-knit relationship with Jesus, one day at a time, so they can overcome self-identity crises and experience transformative benefits Spiritually, Relationally, and Financially and make a lasting impact on the world. Select the plan below.

JLE Kids-Membership Program


(One-Time Payment/Lifetime Access)

Hands-on Activities for Kids (0-5)


What's Inside:


Special Events (JLE Overcomer Kids' Conference) TBD


10% Discount on all STOREFRONT Purchase

Kids' Educational Videos/Songs/Learning Cards/Worksheets

Access to Character-Building Materials (Videos&blogs)

Bilingual Books


Jesus Loves My Daddy English/French (eBook & worksheets)

Jesus Loves My Mommy English/French (eBook & worksheets)

Jesus Loves Me English/French (eBook & worksheets)

Jesus Loves You English/French (eBook & worksheets)

Jesus Loves My Daddy English/Spanish (eBook & worksheets)

Jesus Loves My Mommy English/Spanish (eBook & worksheets)

Jesus Loves Me English/Spanish (eBook & worksheets)

Jesus Loves You English/Spanish (eBook & worksheets)



Course Book


Jesus Loves Us And Our Favorite Colors (Full-Color eBook/English) 


Jesus Loves Us And Our Favorite Colors (song)

Jesus Loves Us And Our Favorite Colors (Coloring eBook/English)




Jesus Loves Us And Our Favorite Colors - 7 Courses (4 languages):









Monthly Instructional Coaching

(to Parents for JLE Kids)


No Refund Due to Instant Access to the Program

What Clients Say

"My daughter loves to work with Sister Roy. She has a way about her that motivates children and their families to fall in love with the Word of God. She encourages and engages young children in the reading of God's Word and in turn produces an excitement in them to want to read the Bible on their own. Her work with children and families highlights her commitment to helping them draw closer to Jesus." 
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