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JLE Kids Christian Academy (JLEKCA)

Discover what makes JLE Kids Christian Academy, as a virtual preschool franchise, the best choice for Christian families and entrepreneurs alike.


Children learn best through experience. JLE Kids Christian Academy, recognized as a premier preschool franchise, stands out as the best choice for Christian families and entrepreneurs seeking an enriching educational environment.

Our preschool franchise goes beyond traditional methods, aligning with New York Pre-kindergarten common core standards and providing a strong foundation for every child's education. Adopted from the New York State Pre-kindergarten Learning Standards, the JLEKCA preschool franchise curriculum is structured around these five key domains, each essential for fostering holistic development in young learners. In Domain 1, "Approaches to Learning," we focus on how children engage in the learning process and acquire knowledge. Domain 2, "Physical Development and Health," emphasizes children's overall physical well-being and their ability to participate in daily activities, both indoors and outdoors. Domain 3, "Social and Emotional Learning," centers on nurturing emotional competence and the capacity to form positive relationships, enriching children's experiences in the home, school, and larger community. Domain 4, addressed as "Communication, Language, and Literacy," explores how children comprehend, create, and communicate meaning. Additionally, Domain 5, "Cognition and Knowledge of the World," encompasses mathematics, science, social studies, and arts, guiding children to acquire essential knowledge about their world and apply it effectively. Through these domains, the JLEKCA Preschool franchise provides a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.  The convenience of our online services ensures that families can easily access our programs, making us a top choice for families of children aged from birth to 5 years. 

See What Makes Us Stand Out:

1. Faith-Based Dual Language Acquisition Curriculum:

  • JLE Kids Christian Academy, as a preschool franchise, incorporates the JLE Dual Language GEMS® curriculum, guided by the Holy Spirit.

  • The program aims to create enthusiastic learners, facilitate dual-language mastery, and foster the best versions of children in a safe environment.

2. Academic Endorsement and Dual-Language Focus:

  • The academy, as a preschool franchise, uses academically endorsed methods to ensure that children live, learn, and love while acquiring essential skills for long-term success in school and life.

  • The dual-language focus allows children to explore different languages in a loving and safe environment.

3. Franchise Opportunity:

  • JLE Kids Christian Academy offers a franchise opportunity with spiritual growth potential, a Spirit-filled environment, and support for business owners.

  • The franchise model, known as JLE Kids Christian Academy, combines a successful business approach with a unique faith-based multi-lingual educational method.

4. Internet-Based Model:

  • The preschool franchise operates on an internet-based model for convenience, offering opportunities to run the business on auto-pilot.

  • Exclusive features include integrated curricula, online courses, and the ability to generate passive income.

5. Purpose-Driven Curriculum:

  • JLE Kids Christian Academy, functioning as a preschool franchise, has a purpose-driven curriculum, focusing on each child's physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development while employing the inquiry method of learning.

6. Family-Focused Curriculum/Community:

  • The Curriculum emphasizes a family-focused approach, creating an environment where children and their families are highly engaged in productive, Christ-centered activities allowing parents to raise and mold their children by the Word of God.

  • The franchise emphasizes a family-focused approach, creating a community where owners, children, and families know each other through a highly engaged Facebook community.

7. Franchise Fee and Complete Package:

  • As a preschool franchise, JLE Kids Christian Academy's fee schedule is designed for convenience and financial success.

  • The complete opening package includes virtual classroom materials, courses, books, curricula, procedures, and policies.

8. Management and Staff Training:

  • A comprehensive management training program is provided for franchise owners and directors before the virtual school process is completed.

  • Ongoing training for school staff is offered, ensuring readiness before opening.

9. Integration of New York State Prekindergarten Learning Standards:

  • JLE Kids Christian Academy aligns with the New York State Prekindergarten Learning Standards, ensuring that the curriculum meets and exceeds educational benchmarks for preschool education.

10. Marketing Support:

  • JLE Kids Christian Academy, as a preschool franchise, assists franchisees with marketing, providing access to advertising networks and an app.

In summary, JLE Kids Christian Academy, operating as a preschool franchise, offers a holistic approach to education, integrating faith-based values, dual-language learning, compliance with New York State Prekindergarten Learning Standards, and a supportive community, making it an attractive choice for families and entrepreneurs alike.

JLEKCA Vs Traditional Method


  • Faith-Based Curriculum

  • Dual Language Acquisition Curriculum

  •  Family-Focused Curriculum

  • Meaningful learning experiences 

  • Academically Endorsed Methods

  • Child Learns at Own Pace

  • Child-Friendly Environment

  • Research-Based Learning

Traditional Method

  • Secular-Based Curriculum

  • Single Language Acquisition Curriculum

  •  Individual-Focused Curriculum

  • Rote memorization 

  • Non-Academically Endorsed Methods

  • Structured Learning Pace

  • Adult-Oriented Environment

  • Non-Research-Based Learning


JLE Kids Christian Academy

Are you in search of a virtual preschool franchise opportunity that offers incredible potential for spiritual growth in young children, creating a Spirit-filled environment? Joining JLE Kids Christian Academy (JLEKCA) means becoming part of a family where our successful business model and unique faith-based multi-lingual educational approach work together to positively impact the lives of children and their families daily. As a franchisee, you'll leverage our 25+ years of expertise in early childhood education, benefiting from a seamless process that doesn't require prior experience in the field. We are seeking passionate owners with the ability and drive to successfully operate their preschool businesses, actively engage with their communities, and foster the spiritual growth of young children. If this resonates with you, feel free to schedule a CALL with us – we might just be the perfect fit.




















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