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About Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy

Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy is the founder of Jesus Loves Everybody (JLE), Inc., a Spiritual Education Leader, a Christian book author, an Early Childhood General/Special Education teacher, and creator of the Sparkling GEMS: ECFDLA Curriculum. She helps Christian families who are going through spiritual struggles learn how to build Spiritual Wealth so they can experience transformative benefits spiritually, financially, and relationally and make a lasting impact on the world. 

Nicole began her teaching/leadership career as a substitute teacher in the New York City Public Schools. She went on to teach at the preschool and elementary levels in religious institutions. Nicole ran her own group family daycare two years following her teaching debut. She has been working in education for over 20 years. Her love for teaching early childhood literacy and witnessing for Christ inspired her to author the Jesus Loves Everybody Book Series. It humbled her to have received the 2012 Sharp Writ Book Award for her first book, Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me. She later wrote What I Gain Through His Pain through which she ministers to adults. Her books highlight Jesus’ love for humanity to soften the young learners’ hearts and lead them to accept Christ as their Savior. She hopes they will become workers in His vineyard while they, themselves, are heaven-bound.

Nicole traveled to the United States from Haiti at age 15. She completed secondary school in the US and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Stony Brook University in upstate New York with concentrations in music and theater. Nicole went on to study Early Childhood General and Special Education and graduated with a dual Master’s Degree from Touro College in New York City. She earned her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Andrews University in Michigan.
Evangelism Background
Nicole’s Christian education includes attending the Northeast Evangelism Training School (NETS), Evangelism Workshops, and Subway Evangelism. Nicole directed the Children Ministries Department at her local church for eight years. She taught the Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior, and Early-teen Bible Schools for many years. Nicole has led her students in Sidewalk Evangelism. She is a Prayer Warrior who also spends countless hours in prayer on her students' behalf. 

Family is essential to her. Through prayer, she shows love and support to her family. Nicole wedded her husband, Roosevelt Roy, in 1994. She has an only biological son, Nolan. She considers herself blessed to have inherited two children, Japhet and Rebecca, and a granddaughter, Aliyah, from her husband's side of the family. They reside in Brooklyn, New York. 

 Dr. Roy has been working as a Spiritual Education Leader since 2000. She specializes in helping young children and their families identify their identity in Christ, achieve their spiritual goals, and develop a close-knit relationship with God through constant exposure to His Word and through prayer using her HUSTLEEFUSLL System to build Spiritual, Relational, and Financial wealth. She gives God the glory for the progress and success of my clients and looks forward to working with you. Click the button below to work with Nicole. 


Learn about my expertise below. 


I educate and lead people to discover: 


    • Their identity in Christ and their spirituality.

      • This is the teaching that God made us and that we’re not our own. We belong to Him! 

      • In God is the fullness of who we are and in Him is where our identity lies. 

      • Therefore, if we want to know ourselves we have to know God, our Maker. In other words, outside of Christ, we do not have an identity. 

      • And the fact that God is a Spirit Being, we, too, are spirit beings.


​How to transform their spiritual life by helping them

    • Develop a close-knit relationship with God 

      • This is the teaching that we acknowledge God for who He is and always come to Him with thanksgiving and a grateful heart. 

      • A good activity for developing this relationship is to keep a daily gratitude journal which will in turn improve our faith in God. The book, "365 Days of Gain-Full Gratitude Journaling," will be available soon.

      • To have a transformed spiritual life is to have great faith because it is our faith that determines the steps we take.​​​​​


    • Leverage the power of faith to transform the mind

      • This is the teaching that without faith no one can come to God who has the creative power to transform and that as a man thinks so he is. 

      • For instance, a person’s decision or action is a direct result of what he thinks.


    • Live out the promises of God

      • This is the teaching that God’s Word is living and that we should claim the promises of God over our lives in order to live them out. 

      • While claiming the promises of God is good, however, obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit as it relates to God’s will for our lives is crucial. 

      • In other words, obedience is the key to living out the promises of God in our lives.