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Excellence in Spiritual/Relationship Coaching
Exceptional Instructional Coaching

Special Rates for Specialized Coaching

$12,000/4mths Sessions

Spiritual/Relationship Coaching

Join Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy for a transformative 4-month coaching journey designed to deepen your spiritual connection and strengthen your family relationships. Through personalized sessions held on Zoom, you'll embark on a path of growth, healing, and renewal, guided by Christian principles and tailored to families with children aged birth to 5. Registration is open now for this life-changing opportunity.

$15,000/4mths Group Sessions 

Instructional Coaching for Early Childhood Educators

Join Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy, a renowned expert in early childhood education, for a transformative 4-month instructional coaching program designed specifically for early childhood (birth to age 5) parents, teachers, directors, and homeschool families, This comprehensive program aims to enhance teaching methodologies, improve class/homeroom management skills, and foster a supportive learning environment for young children. With sessions held bi-monthly, participants will receive personalized guidance and practical strategies to excel in their roles.

$20,000/4mths Group Sessions

Instructional Coaching for Aspiring Coaches

Join Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy in a transformative 4-month instructional coaching program tailored for aspiring coaches in early childhood education. Designed to empower coaches to effectively support parents, teachers, directors, and homeschool families of children aged birth to 5, this program offers invaluable insights, tools, and strategies to excel in the field.

Packages & Rates: Packages & Rates

What Clients Say

"Coach, Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy, kept me engaged and wanting to learn more. She’s patient and gives genuine suggestions. Felt relieved and ended the conversation with a newer perspective." 
-Jayde Cooper
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