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"Jesus Loves Us And Our Favorite Colors"

Book Description:

In "Jesus Loves Us and Our Favorite Colors," the latest addition to Nicole Benoit-Roy's beloved Jesus Loves Everybody series, children are not only taught about Jesus' boundless love but also encouraged to explore their own creativity. Through engaging rhymes and captivating illustrations bursting with vibrant hues, young readers embark on an exciting journey of discovering colors while deepening their understanding of Jesus' affection for them.


This delightful book goes beyond mere storytelling by providing a hands-on experience through a companion coloring book. By actively participating in the coloring activities, children not only reinforce their knowledge of colors but also strengthen their connection with Jesus' love.


Perfect for preschoolers and early learners, "Jesus Loves Us and Our Favorite Colors" offers a dynamic blend of education and entertainment. It's an ideal resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers seeking to instill both faith and creativity in young hearts. Join the colorful adventure today and experience the joy of learning about colors and the unwavering love of Christ Jesus.


A Unique Christian Teaching Tool

"Author Nicole Beniot-Ray's children's book, JESUS LOVES US AND OUR FAVORITE COLORS has created an all-inspiring religious book for young children of all denominations.

This book tells a story of a cute bear and his family with an additional Christian element that is not preachy. The rhyming dialogue and simple picture structure of the storyline teach the basic colors as the little bear and his family walk the reader through everyday life.

The message this book portrays is the love Jesus has for all his children while teaching the fundamental approach to education starting with the color spectrum.
I would recommend this book for all small children as a learning tool."

-Jacqueline M Piepenhagen

 I love her book

Author Nicole Benoit-Roy has done it again!

I love her book, "Jesus Loves Us and Our Favorite Colors," and you will too. Most importantly, your young child will simply enjoy this book learning about the love of Jesus as he/she learns colors. How ingenious is that? Benoit-Roy's new book is a great addition to her "Jesus Loves Everybody series." Parents will have to add this book to their repertoire of religious books for their young children, and Christian bookstores will want to have this book on their shelves.

The cover design is rather cute, too."


 A Dose of Jesus for Children

"Great book for children! The book's message of Jesus's love while teaching children their colors is genius. Children hear over and over that Jesus loves them while hearing great rhythm and viewing great pictures. This book should be bought in bulk for Vacation Bible Schools, Sunday schools, and Children's Bible clubs. This book can change a child's life. My 4-year-old daughter loved the book!"

-Author Lorieen D. Henry

Great Christian approach to learning colors

"The author does a wonderful job of giving a simple introduction to colors in this Christ-centered approach to an essential part of every child's education. It's a great way to teach your children about colors and see how Christ can even be found in the basics of everyday life. A great follow-up to 'Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me.'"

-Hildelisa G Flickinger

"Jesus Love Us and Our Favorite Colors teaches children that Jesus not only loves them but also cares about the things that are dear to them through a rhyming presentation as well as a hands-on reading experience."

-KIRKUS Reviews

"Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me"

5 out of 5 stars 


Book Description:

Dive into the heartwarming world of love and faith with 'JESUS LOVES EVERYBODY: ESPECIALLY ME', the debut installment of the beloved book series that captivated readers worldwide and won The 2012 Sharp Writ Book Awards.


In this enchanting collection of four short stories, author Nicole Benoit-Roy tenderly portrays the innocent perspective of a child discovering the profound message of God's boundless love. From meeting essential needs to sharing mealtime moments, each story celebrates the omnipresent love of Jesus in everyday life.


Accompanied by a delightful coloring book, children are invited to personalize their journey with vibrant hues, making each tale uniquely their own. Whether exploring the importance of family or embracing personal responsibility, 'JESUS LOVES EVERYBODY: ESPECIALLY ME' offers timeless lessons that resonate with readers of all ages.


This heartwarming series, also available in Spanish and French editions, is a must-have addition to any child's library. Join the adventure and discover the enduring love that surrounds us all.





Books That Sow: Strength, Character & Diversity, DBA

"Author, Benoit-Roy, has written a great book that will allow small children to realize they have the love of Jesus, and so do their friends, family, and everyone they know. It is important for children to realize the love of Jesus, so books like this one are so important in our society. I love how Benoit-Roy has told her story. Small children everywhere will love her book.

The pictures are crisp, inviting, and tailored for each page - just beautiful.

I'd love to see "Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me" on the shelves of all Christian bookstores and church libraries everywhere."


Kids will enjoy coloring while learning simple concepts and values

“This book will capture a young child’s attention while introducing them to simple academic concepts and Christian values. Definitely a great addition to any kid’s recreational activities and also good for teachers working with children in a non-secular setting.”

-Amazon Customer


Kids' favorite bedtime book, bar none

“My kids (ages 4 and 6) absolutely love this book. It’s easy to understand and very simple for children to follow. The idea that Jesus loves everyone in various situations comes through in a crystal clear manner that kids can’t help but catch. When bedtime comes, this is the first book that the kids grab from the bookshelf and bring to me. Usually, my daughter begins story time by repeating the story from memory as I turn the pages and then drifts off to sleep by the time we’re 2/3 of the way to the end of the book. The book covers Jesus’ love for me, you, mommy, and daddy in various situations to which kids can easily relate. Can’t recommend this book highly enough if you have kids whom you’d like to have understood Jesus’ love more clearly.”



A great teaching tool!

“This book was perfect for teaching my almost 3-year-old son about how Jesus Christ loves him. Its simple approach and friendly artwork make this full-color Christian children’s book a joy to read and share. I really like the way Nicole can capture the way a child looks at the world and finds a way to deliver God’s message of love as well.

If you have a small child, I recommend this book a lot. I think this would also be a great book for grandparents who want to share a quick story with their grandkids. The Coloring book is a good tool as well, my son loves to color, but he also loves the short simple stories that go in it.”

-Mick McArt, Author of Tales of Wordishure

Great Addition To Your Library

“I have a 3-1/2-year-old daughter who loves this book. Generally, she lets me read her a book once and that’s it, it’s rare that we can read something multiple times. However, she has brought, ‘Jesus Loves Everybody’ to me several times to read, and to me that says a lot. I love the simplicity of this book and the truth of Jesus' love, which none of us can ever hear enough. My daughter also enjoys the coloring book, it’s a great tool to help plant the message deeper into her heart. I would recommend this book to parents, grandparents, preschools/daycares, whoever is wanting to help the children in their life understand that Jesus loves them.”



“This book is great for beginning readers. The repetition of simple words helps to build confidence in their reading ability. And, it builds on their belief. It’s a simple story with a powerful message. The coloring book by the same title allows children to personalize the story to fit their own world. A great bedtime story!”


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