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About Me: About Me
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About Me

Greetings! I'm Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy, and I bring over two decades of experience as a Coach/Teacher in Early Childhood Education since the year 2000. My expertise lies in guiding young Christian families with children aged birth to 5 years, helping them to discover their identity in Christ and achieve their spiritual goals. Through my specialized approach, the HUSTLEEFUSLL (Take Free Course), I focus on fostering a close-knit relationship with God by immersing individuals and families in God's Word and guiding them in prayer.

My commitment extends beyond spiritual growth; I also emphasize building relational and financial wealth for lasting success. I attribute the progress and success of my clients to God, giving Him all the glory. I'm eager to bring my wealth of experience and skills to your journey, and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Click the button below to embark on this transformative journey with me. 


I educate and lead Christian families to discover...

  • Identity in Christ:

    • God made us, and we belong to Him.

    • Our true identity is found in Christ, as He encompasses the fullness of who we are.

    • Recognizing that God is a Spirit Being highlights our spiritual nature.


​And transform their spiritual life by...

  • Developing a Close-Knit Relationship with God:

    • Acknowledging God for who He is and approaching Him with gratitude is essential.

    • Daily gratitude journaling is a practical activity for strengthening this relationship.

    • A transformed spiritual life is marked by great faith, influencing our actions and decisions.

  • Leveraging Faith to Transform the Mind:

    • Faith is crucial for approaching God, the ultimate transformer.

    • Our thoughts shape our decisions and actions.

    • Understanding that faith is the key to transformation emphasizes its power.

  • Living Out the Promises of God:

    • God's Word is alive, and claiming His promises is encouraged.

    • Obedience to the Holy Spirit is crucial in living out these promises.

    • While claiming promises is important, obedience remains the key to their manifestation in our lives.


What Clients Say

"Coach, Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy, kept me engaged and wanting to learn more. She’s patient and gives genuine suggestions. Felt relieved and ended the conversation with a newer perspective." 
-Jayde Cooper
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