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We Believe in the Whole Bible

Old Testament
We believe in:

The tree of eternal life (Genesis)

Eternal deliverance (Exodus)

 One eternal sacrifice (Leviticus & Numbers)

Eternal judgment (Deuteronomy)

Eternal power (Joshua) 

Eternal judge (Judges)

Eternal Redeemer (Ruth)

 Eternal king (1 and 2 Kings)

An eternal kingdom (1 and 2 Chronicles)

 Eternal mercy (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther)

  Eternal redemption (Job)

 Eternal joy (Psalms)

 Eternal wisdom (Proverbs)

An eternity of the heart (Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)

 The eternal life of the Spirit (Isaiah)

 Everlasting love (Jeremiah, Lamentations)

 Everlasting peace (Ezekiel)

 Eternal kingdom worship (Daniel)

 The eternal name of God (The Twelve-minor prophets)

New Testament
We believe in:

Eternal answered prayer (Matthew)

 Eternal reward (Mark)

 The search for eternal life (Luke)

 Eternal home (John)

 The eternal works of God (Acts)

 Eternal praise (Romans)

 Eternal righteousness (1 and 2 Corinthians)

 The everlasting cross (Galatians)

 The eternal church (Ephesians)

 Eternal glory (Philippians, Colossians)

 Eternal separation or eternal union (1 and 2 Thessalonians)

Eternal service (1 and 2 Timothy)

 The everlasting gospel (Titus, Philemon)

 Eternal salvation (Hebrews)

 Eternal crown (James, 1 and 2 Peter)

The eternal Word (1 John)

Everlasting truth (2 and 3 John)

The eternal flame (Jude)

 The King’s eternal reign (Revelation)

The Pastor

Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy 

My Grandmother took me to church as a child and I prayed to stay out of trouble. I spent my teen and part of my adult years not knowing the Lord. Before I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I had no love in my heart. I was confused about all the unfortunate events that take place in the world. I had many questions that no one could answer. This confusion led me to entertain suicidal thoughts. I woke up one day with a sudden desire to read the Bible. I tried, but could not understand it. I began to reminisce about my childhood years at grandma which led to a longing to seek after the God of my grandmother. Soon after in 1994, I met and married my husband who was a Christian. My husband had 2 children from a previous marriage and I had my son from a previous relationship. We decided that having three children was plenty for us. Prior to marrying him, I was told I had to be baptized and so I did. I began to read the Bible and fell in love with the Word. In 1996, I gave my heart to Christ through re-baptism. God began to seriously deal with me on the issue of not loving others. It was so bad that my husband left the house once and I remained indifferent to his action until three days later when the Holy Spirit told me to call my husband saying, "He left because he thinks you don't need him anymore now that your son is grown and on his own." God in His Omniscience has been using my husband as His vessel to teach me to love. My husband is a hard man to deal with. I don't think God would have him any other way.

In 2013, God enrolled me in evangelism school to remedy my love issue. God began planting the seed of love in my heart when He gave me my son in 1994. I could not believe what I was feeling for that baby. By the time my son was 15 years old, God had to reprimand me because for some time the child had become my idol. Through my marriage, I realized there is a big difference between loving gestures and loving. They are not to be mistaken. For well over 20 years into my relationship with my husband, I've performed loving gestures and lusted after what he could do for me such as me washing his feet and him bringing me breakfast in bed. I was so quick to say, "I love you" after every breakfast until one 3 am I heard a tap-tap on my pillow. I knew then it was time to pray. Finally, I had my epiphany, "This man, absolutely, doesn't have to do anything in order for me to love him. I should love him just the way he is," I said as I looked at my husband fast asleep. That was 23 years into our marriage. I'm proud to say that ever since God has infused me with His unconditional love for my husband and the rest of the world, I have had peace and joy in my heart no matter what's going on in the world. Over the years in my walk with the Lord, I've developed a love for prayer. I'm always quick to share what I learn with others in person and on Social Media. I sometimes get myself in trouble with the Lord when He has to say, "Wait!"


During one of my wee-hour personal prayer times, the Lord revealed to me that I had cursed blood running through my veins from a blood transfusion I received when I was about 6 years old. I was in my mid-forties when I got the news. I quickly realized the reason I couldn't accomplish anything during those forty years of my life was because of demonic influences. I wept senselessly. God gave me His promise saying, "I got you now."

During devotion one morning in 2018, God said He was calling me into pastoral ministry. The way I was feeling so comfortable preaching during the few opportunities I was given, I gladly accepted. Not too long after, I forgot about it until I found myself preaching in the street to a man I had just prayed with. Three times he asked if I'm a preacher. For the first two, I ignored the question and then I said, "I'm a Prayer Warrior." During my time alone with God, I asked, "God, why couldn't I say, 'Yes' when that guy asked me if I'm a preacher when you've already called me to be a preacher and I've accepted? With much excitement, I have decided next time someone asks me I will say, "Yes, yes, yes, yes." "Or you could just say, 'Praise the Lord,'' God added. "Oops! Sorry, Lord. I gotta be humble," I admitted. During my next 'prayer warring outreach, God gave me the opportunity to respond, "Praise the Lord." I've been receiving prophecy after prophecy during prayer warring outreach about starting a church. God confirmed it one 2 am while prayer warring in my neighborhood saying, "You're recruiting for your church." "Through Prayer?" I questioned. The Lord had already put the idea in my head to recruit for that purpose. I failed miserably when no one showed up to my prayer meeting. Apparently, God had another plan. And so I said, "You mean Your church, Lord? Whatever I can do, You can do better. Thank You!" My ministry experiences include Children's Ministries, Women's Ministries, Bible Worker, Literature Evangelism, and Prayer Warrior.

To all JLE Prayer Warrior Church members and visitors, know that together we can overcome through prayer.

The Staff

Prayer Partner


Lead Technical Engineer
Audio and Video Coordinator

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Newcomers Welcome!

Welcome to JLE Prayer Warrior Church!

We believe that it's not by coincidence you have come here. God has orchestrated this moment. We want to express Christ’s love to you with our heartfelt prayers. We want you to know that we’re praying for you whether you express a need or not. We're looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you the wonderful ways God is working in our lives at JLE Prayer Warrior Church. When you visit our Church, let us know you're here by saying 'Hello' in the chatbox. Click Here for our Remote Prayer Network.

It won’t take long to discover that this is truly a family of prayer warriors. That's how we overcome and fight our battles, on our knees. In addition, prayer helps us develop a close-knit relationship with the Holy family. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Growing together in Christ, we worship, we pray, we serve; we worship, we pray, we serve; we worship, we pray, we serve... You get the point (lol). This life-transforming truth, who is Jesus, must reach the world. Together, we share Him with the people we meet in our little corner of the world where God has placed us. 


If you’ve been praying and hoping to find a group of prayer warriors to fight for you and with you in prayer, we want to say again - Welcome!


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Online sermons are available 24/7

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