About Me.



My name is Nicole Benoit-Roy. I began my teaching career as a substitute teacher in the New York City Public Schools. I taught third and fourth-grade classes and preschool levels in Adventist and non-Adventist schools in Brooklyn, NY. I love to teach young children to read and witness for Christ. My love for teaching early childhood literacy and witnessing for Christ inspired me to do just that through the Jesus Loves Everybody book series. I received the 2012 Sharp Writ Book Award for my first book, Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me. My books highlight the LOVE of our savior for humanity as a way of softening the young learners’ hearts so that as they get older, the Holy Spirit will draw them to Christ. I hope that they will eventually give their hearts to Jesus. In addition, they will become workers in His vineyard while they, themselves, are heaven-bound.


                        Where I'm From...





I traveled to the United States from Haiti when I was 15 years old. I did most of my schooling in the US. I studied at Touro College in New York City, earning a dual master’s degree in early childhood general and special education. I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree in educational leadership at Andrews University.

Being a student in the Educational Leadership Program is very dear to me as I endeavor to learn better ways to provide for my special needs children on an administrative level. One of my many goals in life is to become a Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) District Administrator (DA) to the glory of God. I'm excited to be a part of this program. I am looking forward to all the fun techniques I'll be learning in anticipation of applying them during my career as an educational leader.


                               My Family









Family is super important to me. My favorite way to show love and support to my family is through prayer. My husband, Roosevelt Roy, and I have been married since 1994. We are the proud parents of two sons, Japhet and Nolan; a daughter, Rebecca; and a granddaughter, Alyiah. We reside in Brooklyn, New York.


               Background in Evangelism










My Christian education includes attending the Northeast Evangelism Training School (NETS), Evangelism Workshops, and Subway Evangelism. I directed the Children Ministries Department at Horeb SDA Church in Brooklyn for over 5 years. I taught the Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior, and Earliteen Sabbath School classes. I have led my students in Sidewalk Evangelism. Like I do for my family, I spend countless hours in prayer on my students' behalf.



Portraits Descriptions

1)  A headshot from my apartment in Brooklyn, NY

2)  Casual walk in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

3)  Literature evangelism health book presentation on Health Day at Sychar SDA Church in Brooklyn, NY

4)  Family photos

Top row left to right: My step-son, step-granddaughter, and I at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Bottom row left to right: My husband, step-daughter, and  mother-son time at Brower Park, Brooklyn, NY

5) Students' photos

Top left: Book promotion of my first book in the Jesus Loves Everybody book series at a preschool center in Brooklyn, NY

 Remaining photos: Sabbat School students 



Please see the artifact below where I share my background, from childhood to my professional life. I also share my reflection concerning my past, present, and hope for the future.


Curriculum Vitae


Current                                    -Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Andrews                                                    University


                                                  -Dissertation: Gossip in Early Childhood                                                          Programs: What School Leaders Can Do to                                                    Turn Gossip into Work Talk that Fosters a                                                        Culture for Solution


                                                  -Advisor: Bordes Henry-Saturné, Ph.D.

2013                                          -Certificate of Completion, Northeast                                                               Evangelism Training School

2006                                         -M.S. in Education/Special Education                                                             Early  Childhood (Birth-Grade 2), Touro                                                          College

1994                                          -B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies (Music &                                                       Theatre), Stony Brook University


1994                                          -Sociology Department, Stony Brook                                                               University

                                                   -Research Topic: Long Island Census Data                                                     vs. Merrick, Long Island, Census Data

Awards And Honors 

2017                                          -Office of Research and Creative                                                                       Scholarship Grant, Andrews University

2012                                          -Sharp Witt Book Award, Smart Book                                                              Lovers SIG

2010                                          -National Board for Professional Teaching                                                       Standards Letter of Project Completion,                                                         Independent work

1994                                          -Outstanding Achievement in                                                                           Undergraduate Research Award, Stony                                                         Brook University


Certification And Licenses

Current                                    -Teacher of Early Childhood Education,                                                           Professional


                                                  -Teacher of Students with Disabilities,                                                             Professional


2019                                          - Director of Children’s Ministries                                                                       Department, Horeb SDA Church

                                                  -Sumner Children's Center Director,                                                                 Brooklyn Kindergarten Society

2018                                          -Director of Children’s Ministries                                                                       Department, Horeb SDA Church

2017                                          -Director of Children’s Ministries                                                                       Department, Horeb SDA Church

2016                                          -Director of Children’s Ministries                                                                       Department, Horeb SDA Church

2013                                          -NY13 Revelation of Hope Series Team                                                           Leader, Macedonia SDA Church

                                                  -NY13 Revelation of Hope Series Team                                                           Leader, Ebenezer SDA Church

2012                                          -Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries                                                       Department, Horeb SDA Church

2009                                         -Director of Women’s Ministries                                                                         Department, Bethlehem SDA Church

2007                                         -Director of Children’s Ministries                                                                       Department, Horeb SDA Church

2003                                         -Supervisor of school Christmas program,                                                       Brooklyn Temple School

2000                                         -Lead Teacher, Bethanie Bilingual School

                                                  -Owner/Employer, Group Family Day Care


2015                                          -Case Manager/Special Education                                                                   Itinerant Teacher (SEIT), Achieve Beyond

2014                                          -Case Manager/Early Intervention, City                                                           Pro Group, Inc.

2010                                         -Case Manager/Special Education                                                                   Itinerant Teacher (SEIT), Starting Point                                                             Services For Children

2009                                         -Preschool Special Education Teacher,                                                           United Cerebral Palsy

2008                                         -Education Assistance Program (EAP)                                                             Tutor, Riverside Elementary School

2005                                         -Group Teacher, Learner’s Heaven                                                                     Educational Center

2004                                         -Student Teacher, Public School 91


2017                                          -What I Gain Through His Pain,                                                                           CreateSpace Independent Book                                                                       Publishing Platform

                                                  -Gossip Stings, CreateSpace Independent                                                       Book Publishing Platform

                                                  -Are Christians Wearing Wigs?                                                                             CreateSpace Independent Book                                                                       Publishing Platform

2013                                         -Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me,                                                         CreateSpace Independent Book                                                                       Publishing Platform

2012                                         -Jesus Loves Us and Our Favorite Colors,                                                       CreateSpace Independent Book                                                                       Publishing  Platform

                                                  -“66 Books in 66 Days,” Atlantic Union                                                             Gleaner

                                                  -"The Valley of Prayer," Adventist World                                                           Magazine

                                                  -"The Kingdom Belongs to These,"                                                                   Adventist World Magazine


Current                                    -Academia

                                                  -Association for Supervision and                                                                       Curriculum Development (ASCD)


                                                  -Early Childhood Education and Child Care                                                     Forum for Professionals and Parents




                                                  -Education Strategies for Parents,                                                                     Teachers, Educators and School Staff


                                                  -Education Week


                                                  -Empowerment - A Special Needs                                                                   Network


                                                  -Harvard Business Review


                                                  -Parents of College Bound Students


                                                  -Parents of Special Kids


                                                  -School Leadership Reimagined




                                                  -SPARK 101

                                                  -Spiritual Writer's Association


                                                  -The Mailbox


1997                                         -United Federation of Teachers





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